The Sheriff's Badge

By Rebekah Brown

Preview Chapter:
Chapter 7

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Red Lain returned home, having survived the bitter conflict of the Civil War, but his home —haunting and abandoned— was no longer what it used to be. With purpose in his heart and a .44 Henry by his side, Red sets out across the vast, untamed wilderness of the American frontier to find his last remaining siblings. Men, with lust for power in their hearts and colts in their holsters to back up their lawless way of life, stand in

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his path. Will Red reach his sister and brother in time, or will his life and theirs, like countless others, be claimed by the roar of a gunslinger's colt?

Rustlers, Indians, gunfights, and a touch of romance make the action-packed Sheriff's Badge, by author Rebekah Brown, a must-read for any young reader! Grab your gun and ready yourself for a suspenseful journey across the frontier, where you'll likely earn your own Sheriff's Badge.

Copyright 2009, Rebekah Brown